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Pastor Levi Snyder

Church History

The church structure that now houses Markesan Bible Church at 60 North Margaret Street, was built as a Methodist Church.
After the Methodist Church, and The United Church of Christ united, they became know as the United Methodist Church.
The Methodist Church building was sold to the highest bidder when the UMC families built their current church.  The bidder's intent was to rebuild the church into an apartment complex.
The old Methodist Church was purchased from the bidder in 1975 for approximately $11,000, by a Baptist Church group that was meeting at 41 East Vista Blvd.
The Baptist Church was changed to an Independent Fundamental Bible Church during the pastorate of Paul Hearst, and became affiliated with the Independent Fundamental Churches of America.
The old Baptist Church at 41 East Vista was remodeled into a home, and purchased for a parsonage in 1987.
Pastor Lee accepted the call to the Pastorate at Markesan Bible Church on October 20,1991.  He and his wife moved to the parsonage in Markesan on March 29,1992.
At that time there were eight people left at Markesan Bible Church after a major church split.
Pastor Lee had formerly been the pastor of Community Bible Church in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.