Study to show yourself approved.

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

All the advances in recent technology have been mind boggling, haven't they? Today, you can make a call on a cell phone, put a thousand tunes in your pocket with an MP3 player, take a photograph without film, find obscure information instantly on the internet, and listen to the radio via satellite transmission.

With these incredible gadgets and gizmos, it seems like we should finally be able to overcome all the obstacles to a satisfying life. Ironically, the very things that we invent to help us enjoy life often wind up distracting us from what's important.

At Markesan Bible Church, we believe that fulfilment isn't digitally remastered from the original. It's found in a personal relationship with the Creator. Please take a moment to look over this website and our doctrine. Then input a date in your PDA to join us for worship!

Sincerely in His Grace,

Pastor Lee Snyder